British Comedy, British Sitcom or just Britcom… call it what You want but it all means just the same. Unforgettable series that bring memories of great time spent with Your friends or maybe childhood and fabulous family joy and laughter. It’s pretty much safe to say, that nowadays shows like that are at best a rarity. Good ‘ol humor will always be remembered by old timers and appreciated by those who watch it for the first time.

This site is devoted to bring the British Comedy to it’s home. Neatly organized and available to watch for all. So far we have complete series of some of the very best ones:
- 9 seasons and all but one special of Allo Allo
– 4 seasons and most of the specials of Blackadder
– 4 seasons of Fawlty Towers
– 5 seasons and all but one special of Keeping Up Appearances
– All episodes of single-season hit Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere
– All episodes, special and bonuses of Mr Bean
– 7 seasons and most specials of BBC’s best Only Fools and Horses
– Both seasons of Phoenix Nights

Don’t forget to check the Credits page and show Your appreciation to all the good folks that did the hard work and got the videos online.