I would like to thank all the wonderful people who spent countless hours getting our beloved series up online. Let me know if I forgot someone.

Allo Allo
Seasons 1 to 5 of Allo Allo series are here thanks to Karrie, a true fan of the series.
Here is she with Gorden Kaye and Guy Siner:

Karrie with Gorden Kaye and Guy Siner

Seasons 6 to 9 of Allo Allo series are available because of great work of Aleks, a big fan of British comedy.
The Return of Allo Allo was uploaded by Gyges1

We are still missing The Best of Allo Allo special.

All regular Blackadder episodes were uploaded by Nirbateman
The Pilot Episode special is here thanks to MachinePCM
The Cavalier Years special got here because of Brandon
Christmas Carol special is available thanks to Maria
Children in Need and The Shakespeare Sketch specials were uploaded by Madgerald
Back & Forth special can be watched thanks to DontTouchMyTea

There were few more specials that we didn’t get yet, like:
- 1775 (US series pilot)
- Blackadder and the King’s Birthday
- The Army Years
- The Jubilee Girl

Fawlty Towers
Fawlty Towers series are a mixed effort of Videomad10000, Michael, Doodlej3 and TykesTube

Keeping Up Appearances
Season 1 of Keeping Up Appearances series was uploaded by Jake, and seasons 2 to 5 by NorwegicusTheThird

There is one special episode we are missing, Memoirs of Hyacinth Bucket.

Max and Paddy's
All episodes of Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere single season series are here thanks to Mathew, a huge britcom fan that name is spelled with one t for a reason ;)

Mr Bean
Mr Bean series are a mixed effort of IxPeppexI, Mathew, flopo2003, MyriaTaz, Theo, taenkakatill, Chris, Rommel, wftheassassinwf and last but not least, the BBC itself.

Only Fools and HorsesOnly Fools and Horses series came up thanks to: Aleks, purelybored15, onlyfoolsandhorses15, Dan, religionLobotomy, Jamie, Rachel, Emma, whelshguy and Videomad10000

We are missing few specials: The Story of Only Fools and Horses, White Mice, Royal Variety Show and The Robin Flies at Dawn

Phoenix Nights
All episodes of Phoenix Nights two season series were uploaded by Mathew, another example of his great work.

The Vicar of Dibley
The Vicar of Dibley series are a mixed effort of Kitten, Videomad10000, emnems55, Mickche19 and iluvtelly