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  1. [..YouTube..] Wonderful to see these episodes of Allo Allo again :-)

    Do you have more episodes?
    If you have then pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease put them in here….. I´m hungry for more :-)

  2. [..YouTube..] I thank you for puttting episodes online; a great series that was a lot of fun.

    I was surprised to see “You Stupid Woman” didn’t come in until this episode.

  3. [..YouTube..] I’m quite sure it came earlier as well… The stereotypes in this series are killing me. I’m watching at 3AM. Im…having real trouble in not waking people up with my laughter-

  4. [..YouTube..] XD hahaha, be careful! =) I’m happy to make you laugh!

  5. [..YouTube..] I never noticed it didn’t come in until this episode… Maybe it’s now that Rene made it up for the first time! haha =D

  6. [..YouTube..] “you stupid woman” does come in the first part when hes cuddling with yvette, he tells edith that hes showing her how to defend herself from drunk germans

  7. [..YouTube..] Haha, yeh! But they’re not all out yet…

  8. [..YouTube..] Thanks for posting that! *glomp* :)

  9. [..YouTube..] You’re very welcome! X3

  10. [..YouTube..] You Stupidz Woman… This was when it all started :)

  11. [..YouTube..] Thank you sooo much; never seen the original version, only the one translated to Polish on TV, and now I see it isn’t even half as funny as this.

  12. [..YouTube..] Luckily they didn’t split season 5 in Finland so i have just one box of it. ^^

  13. [..YouTube..] Helga and Hans had a lot of fun filming the dance I bet…

  14. [..YouTube..] Thanks so much really..hope you post more. I don’t have the means to buy it :(

  15. [..YouTube..] Glad you’re happy with them. I will post more. =D

  16. [..YouTube..] this is gr8!!!!!

  17. [..YouTube..] ^_^

  18. [..YouTube..] I love this show.

  19. [..YouTube..] Thank you so much for posting these! I’d never seen this series before, but I’m enjoying every minute of it!

  20. [..YouTube..] I’m very glad to hear this! ^_^

  21. [..YouTube..] I just saw the live show in Brisbane Australia on the 13/07/2007
    It was at the “Twelfth Night Theatre” it was the best night ever! im 29 years old and only have not seen the show since i was 8 or 9 years old, But renne looked the same as i remember him and most of the original cast were there! .It is so strange to see the original cast in real life .The story was pure genius ,as always! and my girlfreind has never heard of the show before and she loved it as well!.

  22. [..YouTube..] u can tell when edith kicked the german she kicked the flag pole on the last one

  23. [..YouTube..] Nah, she kicked the German and his rifle hit the flag pole.

    “Pig. Dog. Hyena.” Lol, love this show.

  24. [..YouTube..] I think he was just making a joke.

  25. [..YouTube..] lol, who`s got a bad attitude.. lol

  26. [..YouTube..] Let him defend himself,what are you? his mother?

  27. [..YouTube..] hey looser get a life.

  28. [..YouTube..] don’t pay attention to him

  29. [..YouTube..] look i was just sharing with you all that i saw the show ,and maybe like minded people will ask me questions about the live show.

  30. [..YouTube..] Yes, it’s wonderful that you got to see the live show. I would love to see that too but I don’t know if I’ll get an opportunity… >_>
    Have you seen the Return of ‘Allo ‘Allo? Was the story similar to that? Or if not – then what was the story?

  31. [..YouTube..] no i have never heard of the return? please tell me more about that?

  32. [..YouTube..] I saw parts of it, It was not the same beacause its after the war. In it Lt.Grubber says hes gay

  33. [..YouTube..] nomuken1, am just wondering, are you a gay nazi?

  34. [..YouTube..] I think it’s funny limies and yanks are seen as conquering heroes, but we Germans are seen as idiots. As history serves me, the French turned tail and ran. Anyway, as a German I am proud of what we did-unappoligetically!

  35. [..YouTube..] limies?
    Oh, I don’t see yanks as heroes, I choose to see them as a joke. Especially as they wish to never see another vietnam which humiliates them.
    I’ve always see the German people as very organised human beings. That’s what I’ve been taught anyway.
    I’ve also have been taught to treat past as past and all of Europe should lump together.

  36. [..YouTube..] “The Return of ‘Allo ‘Allo!” is a new special episode/documentary about ‘Allo ‘Allo produced and aired earlier this year where a lot of the actors came together and made a new episode. In it we see old Rene writing his memoirs while various old friends drop by to remind him and us of the good times they had together. It was really awesome and the biggest thing for all Allo Allo fans recently. It was even uploaded on YouTube at some point but then they took it down.

  37. [..YouTube..] why do you ask

  38. [..YouTube..] i asked you a question.
    why do you think i am a gay nazi.

  39. [..YouTube..] Maria is really cute!^-^ to bad she left the show after a couple of seasons!

  40. [..YouTube..] “bird nieeuze”
    The file seems to have got corrupted: at 1m 03s the download behaves as though it has completed, so only this first snippet is available, at least to me. Anyone else making a first attempt to download, please advise if you have the same problem… (if you’ve already viewed it, you’ll probably just be seeing a cached copy)
    I don’t think the Germans are singled out for treatment as idiots: every nation is satirised mercilessly, from where I see it..

  41. [..YouTube..] how do you go about downloading it? I don`t see any option for such task!

  42. [..YouTube..] i’m trying to post a reply but it won’t let me because it has got it into its head there’s a URL or email address buried in the post … frustration …

  43. [..YouTube..] When I said downloading I meant viewing. In my case, it ends up downloaded into a cache, cos once I’ve viewed it, I don’t have to go online to see it again
    Don’t ask me how I set this up, it just works that way !

  44. [..YouTube..] good news is that on a different machine, there is no problem passing that point in the file
    My cached version must have been corrupted at that point…

  45. [..YouTube..] karrie, thank you so much for putting these on! I never got to see the whole of the first season, so this is the first time watching these.

  46. [..YouTube..] lol, the dance is genius..

  47. [..YouTube..] Edith was great in this one..

  48. [..YouTube..] Totalmente geniale!

  49. [..YouTube..] The movie is nice.. you can get the uncensored version on _TIME4CAMZ.COM_


  50. [..YouTube..] This video is nice but youtube will probably delete it, girls are posting way better uncensored ones on _FUNDATERS.COM_


  51. [..YouTube..] Confessing to Michelle. I LOVE IT!!!

  52. [..YouTube..] Thanks for posting this!
    I hope you post more!

  53. [..YouTube..] yeah, germans in very organized way killed my relatives and burnt to the ground my family house… yeah, and i am not jewish… i’m polish… even though i’m young i can’t forget what those “organized nazis” did to my family… fuck them… then and now… you can’t change the mentality…

  54. [..YouTube..] Edith’s brilliant, what’s she sticking with Rene for? I love that all the episodes are up, there are lots of jokes I get now that I couldn’t possibly understand when I was little.

  55. [..YouTube..] No! Not the dance of the milting peacock!

  56. [..YouTube..] “No! I mean, no.” Rotfl. The concept of using accents to convey a change of language was incredible, a realy brilliant concept that solves so many issues in a moment, and leads to a lot of comedy!

  57. [..YouTube..] “Short cuddle and a little nibble.”
    How lovely <3

  58. [..YouTube..] She will repeat nothing…

    Finally somebody comments on that

  59. [..YouTube..] poor rene being forced by the radio

  60. [..YouTube..] it’s got a dead crab in it!

  61. [..YouTube..] “It is I. Le Clair.”

  62. [..YouTube..] Yvette. No contest.

  63. [..YouTube..] “I ‘ave ‘ad many lovers including and in alphabetical order-”

  64. [..YouTube..] I’m afraid of a bad translation, too. A German Broadcast has bought the rights a few day’s ago…I guess, it’ll be as bad translated as Monty Pythons Flying Circus, a few years ago.
    Subtitles seems to be old fashioned… :-(

  65. [..YouTube..] I know they’re impersonating Hans, but what does his ‘heil Hitler’ mean? He seems to be saying ‘Flump’?!

  66. [..YouTube..] Actually, he says ‘-tler!’

  67. [..YouTube..] loved this first time round

  68. [..YouTube..] i love hans’s face when hes listening to gruber :)

  69. [..YouTube..] I don’t know why, but Leclerc with the cheese made me almost cry with laughter!

  70. [..YouTube..] “Oh! I see a typical cheese salesman entering my café!” :-) ))))))

  71. [..YouTube..] this is just the best episode of them all ^_^

  72. [..YouTube..] One of the finest comedies of all time. Superb!

  73. [..YouTube..] What a cast of actors. Sublime.

  74. [..YouTube..] love it till i die.

  75. [..YouTube..] heil Hitler!

  76. [..YouTube..] I loved this show

  77. [..YouTube..] The first 2 and a half minutes are epic! I haven’t laughed so much so long!

  78. [..YouTube..] something about Helga in this ep is really good!

  79. [..YouTube..] Wonderful to see these episodes of Allo Allo again

  80. [..YouTube..] Karrie Dreammind!!! you are a gem!!

  81. [..YouTube..] where are the post with the french policeman? he was my favorite character.

  82. [..YouTube..] Thank You Karrie!

  83. [..YouTube..] I don’t think he’s in this series.

  84. [..YouTube..] Is Leclerc the only secret agent in the whole french resistance he seems to do every thing.

  85. [..YouTube..] You can’t tell who Maria and Yvette are when they are dressed up in that uniform!

  86. [..YouTube..] That bit where Michelle got mixed up with English and French was hilarious!

  87. [..YouTube..] type in ‘boogie fatherland’ for more

  88. [..YouTube..] “Listen cearefully, I will say this only once.” Haha^^

  89. [..YouTube..] are you stupid?

  90. [..YouTube..] i love allo’ allo’! The UK has the the best comedy shows in history :p Blackadder, Allo’ Allo’! The Thin Blue Line, Fawlty Towers, Monty Python’s Flying Circus,….
    love em all ^^

  91. [..YouTube..] I didnt realise what huge tits Michelle has got!!!

  92. [..YouTube..] I had no idea how big Michelle’s tits were until she started marching as a Hitler youth!

  93. [..YouTube..] He comes in the later episodes

  94. [..YouTube..] wheres the next one? season 2 already?

  95. [..YouTube..] “Pierre is enjoying his new bicycle.”

    [Kicks suitcase]

  96. [..YouTube..] Is it just me or is Fanny a better singer than her daughter? ;)

  97. [..YouTube..] onion soup

  98. [..YouTube..] This is probably the best episode of this show!

  99. LOL!

  100. [..YouTube..] Resbians.

  101. [..YouTube..] yes, but the confesion of fanny and the dance of the hitlerjugend is also vere good
    love this show

  102. [..YouTube..] i severely hope your refering to the fact that every time thse words were said it was as a send up. In fact I assume you must be. kind of didn’t leave too much scope for anyone who wasn’t familiar with the series catching the joke mind!

  103. [..YouTube..] “When we’re too old to make love, we will make wonderful soup!” this is the most romantic thing I’ve EVER heard! :)

  104. [..YouTube..] one of the best scenes!!!!

  105. [..YouTube..] good! *spits out candle and shuts the door*

  106. [..YouTube..] Michelle looks good in the Hitler Youth uniform.

  107. [..YouTube..] it is i…leclerc hahaha he always says that line ;)

  108. [..YouTube..] the first three minutes are funny to die for but when he said I will meet you behind the woodshed at one ‘o clock” i cried of laughter :)

  109. [..YouTube..] What the fuck is this? A Brit Nazi sitcom? Is that pervert Mosley from the Grand Prix association involved?

  110. [..YouTube..] Good Moaning!

  111. [..YouTube..] She always looks good!! There is something about white socks and black shoes that is so hot! The bare knees don’t hurt either.

  112. [..YouTube..] lol same here… that’s classic xD